Sigmoid volvulus and descending colon adenocarcinoma, a double cause of intestinal obstruction: a case report

Nairo Senejoa, Servicio de Coloproctología, Hospital Militar Central, Bogotá, Colombia
Paola S. González-Ausique, Departamento de Cirugía General, Hospital Militar Central. Bogotá, Colombia
Nicolle Enamorado-Enciso, Facultad de Medicina, Universidad Militar Nueva Granada, Hospital Militar Central. Bogotá, Colombia

Large bowel obstruction is caused by colorectal cancer, diverticular disease or volvulus. The latter is caused by rotation of the intestinal loop on its own mesenteric axis, and occurs in the sigmoid colon (80%) and in the cecum (15-20%) Its management includes devolution by colonoscopy or surgery. Malignant bowel obstruction is the initial presentation in 7-29% of colorectal cancer, and its optimal treatment is controversial. We describe a clinical case of a double obstructive lesion and its surgical approach, an unusual presentation that poses a diagnostic and medical-surgical management challenge.

Keywords: Sigmoid volvulus. Sigmoid cancer. Colonic obstruction.