Code of conduct for authors

The authors of manuscripts sent to Revista Cirugía y Cirujanos, undertake to follow the principles of:

1. Honesty

2. Integrity

3. Responsibility

4. Transparency

In any case, they must declare any potential conflict of interest and/or financing, scholarship, or payment of fees from the private initiative received in the last 3 years, or during the development of their research.

The following actions will be considered bad practices and may lead to the retraction of the manuscript:

- Plagiarism

- Lack of adherence to international ethical standards in the development of research.

- Data fractioning or salami slicing.

- Falsification, appropriation, or unauthorized reproduction of data, figures, images, algorithms, or tables.

- Duplicate or redundant publication.

- Manipulation of bibliographic citations, including unwarranted self-citation.

- Omission of relevant information that has a direct impact on the content of the manuscript.

- Unjustified alteration of the authors’ list.


For detailed information, please refer to the COPE’s website: